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Registered Massage Therapists

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Katelyn Franssen


Practicing since 2018, with precision & finesse, Katelyn uses skillful techniques to aid in injury or pain management. She has a passion for post/prenatal massage and gives a luxurious indie head massage. Whether you’re wanting to gain pain relief from an injury or wanting to just overall relax… cheerful Katelyn’s is delighted to help.

Registered Massage Therapy - RMT - Kingston, Ontario - The Orchid - Massage & Wellness Centre

Delia Caranci

Practicing since 2007, Delia treats with slow, relaxing targeted precision to release those painful knots. With a focus for expecting mothers and helping to relieve pain from chronic strains or injuries. Having previously taught at Medix College, she provides a variety of different treatments to help alleviate pain and stress.

Registered Massage Therapy - RMT - Kingston, Ontario - The Orchid - Massage & Wellness Centre

Lindsay Rogers (Combe)

Practicing since 2017, Lindsay uses slow, deep, relaxing techniques to find those knots and aches with precision that only come with years of experience. Whether you’re dealing with chronic pain, injury, or just wanting to fully relax. Lindsay is happy to help you reach your wellness goals.


John Slade

Practicing since 2016, John is a seasoned massage therapist with a skill for deep tissue & sports massage focused for injury/strain recovery. Johns’ focus is to help you gain relief from pain, restore movement, and get you back to your everyday activities with a precision massage, all while helping you to feel fully relaxed with his contagious Zen energy.


Megan Pollard

Practicing since 2015, Megan uses rhythmic, gentle massage to provide a sense of deep relaxation. If you want to fix those aches & pains while feeling the most relaxed you’ve ever been, Megan is the therapist for you. With a focus for stress relief, and to aid in mental & physical healing, Megan provides a safe & caring therapeutic touch to effectively treat a variety of conditions.

Registered Massage Therapy - RMT - Kingston, Ontario - The Orchid - Massage & Wellness Centre

Elizabeth Howes

(On Maternity Leave until December 2022)

Practicing since 2015, Elizabeth addresses tender areas slowly but firmly utilizing the power of breath work to help you relieve tension, improve mobility, and overall relax with a luxurious massage. She has a remarkable skill for chronic pain or injuries & provides simples stretches to incorporate into your daily routines.